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Jeanette Ashman
(09.11.2021 16:37):

Hi! I have several documents that use the same paragraph styles. I have all the files in a book so if I change something I can synchronies. But in the heat of the moment I sometimes make changes in one of the documents and forgets to synchronize. So... I am looking for a script where I can compare paragraph styles from different files (same name on paragraph style) and only see the difference between them. Do you know if there is something like that existing? Kind regards Jeanette

(Сравнить стили)

(10.08.2021 9:44):

Hi. If there is a group style, its subset style will not be displayed.

(Скопировать ГРЕП-стили)

(24.06.2021 9:04):

hi. It is a perfect script.

(Общее форматирование нескольких таблиц)

только нужной информации

(серия статей):

Изменить язык в стилях и по тексту

Скрипт позволяет изменить язык в текстовых стилях и (опционально) по всему тексту. В диалоговом окне нужно выбрать, какой язык следует найти и на какой заменить. Если необходимо, можно выбрать опцию замены языка по тексту.

Изменить язык в стилях

При необходимости замену можно повторить несколько раз (если требуется заменить, например, русский на украинский и английский на испанский).

Скрипт работает до версии CS6 включительно. В более поздних версиях не проверялся.


Сказать «спасибо» можно здесь

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Christian Geiselmann (16.07.2019 2:21) E-mail

Dear Eugenyus, this is a phantastic and extremely useful script! I used it right now successfully on a book I have to edit in various languages. I used the script to change the language setting of Paragraph Styles. (Other scripts I found and tried did not work the job. Yours did!) One issue however: There is a problem in Line 109: Source: switch(kolvozam){ Error 21: undefined is not an object Luckily, as far as I see, this does not affect the core functionality of the script; it seems to affect only the progress display on screen. Still, could you give a hint how to fix the script so that it works flawlessly? Спасибо! С уважением, Christian Geiselmann

Admin (16.07.2019 21:31) E-mail

Christian Geiselmann, thank you for your message. An error occurred if the user refused the option `Replace also throughout the text`. I fixed it, now it should work correctly. Please, download the fixed script again.

Christian Geiselmann (17.07.2019 15:43) E-mail

Thank you for the bugfix. This works much better now, with a very nice report about changes made displayed at the end. -- Here is however a second issue: I notice that in my current project not all Paragraph Styles are included in the operation. It seems, a number of Paragraph Styles are simply ignored. -- Background: I am searching for "Englisch UK", and replacing it with various other languages such as Spanish, German 2006 reform, Greek etc. -- My current project has about 100-150 Paragraph Styles (I did not count them). They are organised in two levels of folders. -- I tried to find a pattern, and it seems, especially those Paragraph Styles are affected that are inside a second-levels folder hierarchy (Paragraph Styles can be grouped into folders and subfoldrs). When I disintegrate my folder structure and use only first level folders the script seems to work well. -- So, question: would it be possible to make the scrip work also with two-level folder structures?