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Самая большая трата, какую только можно сделать, — это трата времени. (Теофраст)


Christian Geiselmann
(17.07.2019 16:18):

Extremely useful! A real time-saver for projects with many pages such as book!

(Выравнивание фрейма через контекстное меню)

Christian Geiselmann
(17.07.2019 16:11):

This tiny script comes in very handy for large projects such as books, especially when you have to share documents with colleagues. Works flawlessly for me. (Win 7, Indesign CC 2018). Thank you!

(Объём связанных файлов на диске)

Christian Geiselmann
(17.07.2019 15:43):

Thank you for the bugfix. This works much better now, with a very nice report about changes made displayed at the end. -- Here is however a second issue: I notice that in my current project not all Paragraph Styles are included in the operation. It seems, a number of Paragraph Styles are simply ignored. -- Background: I am searching for "Englisch UK", and replacing it with various other languages such as Spanish, German 2006 reform, Greek etc. -- My current project has about 100-150 Paragraph Styles (I did not count them). They are organised in two levels of folders. -- I tried to find a pattern, and it seems, especially those Paragraph Styles are affected that are inside a second-levels folder hierarchy (Paragraph Styles can be grouped into folders and subfoldrs). When I disintegrate my folder structure and use only first level folders the script seems to work well. -- So, question: would it be possible to make the scrip work also with two-level folder structures?

(Изменить язык в стилях и по тексту)

только нужной информации

(серия статей):

Список открытых библиотек с указанием полного пути

Скрипт показывает список открытых библиотек с указанием полного пути.

Список библиотек


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