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(12.10.2020 20:18):

Galeb, for example: forum.rudtp.ru/threads/scriptpalette.75192/

(Interface for Typical Operations)

(11.10.2020 23:51):

Hi there, just out of curiosity... which analogous scripts on the Web are you referring to? I'm looking for a possibility to make a custom dock/panel where I can add certain Skripts as a button and maybe the most used features also. Appreciate your input on that topic. Best from Croatia, Galeb

(Interface for Typical Operations)

Danko Josic
(05.06.2020 1:08):

Thank you. Great help.

(Common Formatting of Several Tables)

Only The Necessary Information

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New article

The article "Export From InDesign to HTML-2: How to Tag Paragraphs" was added. In this article, we will place paragraph tags in the text, add a header and a "footer", and thus obtain a full-fledged html document containing only the necessary style markup.

Posted: 05.03.2016

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New article

The article "Export From InDesign to HTML: How to Tag Character Styles" was added. When a text in InDesign has "mixed" formatting (Bold Italic, Italic Underline, Bold Italic Superscript, etc.), and it is required to export it in html wrapped in tags: <strong><i></i></strong>, <i><u></u></i>, etc., there can be two solutions.

Posted: 27.02.2016

Script update

A condition has been added to the script from the "Quick Formatting" article. Now, the script execution will be terminated in the case when the user has forgotten to click the "Stop" button before closing the script window.

Posted: 16.12.2015

New video

The final two lessons (20 and 21) of the second block of the video tutorials "JavaScript for Adobe InDesign: Simple, Quick and to the Point" will teach you how to use and will help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of two more ways to anchor an object to a text by using the duplicate() and the insertAnchoredObject() methods.

Posted: 11.12.2015

New video

From the 19th lesson of the video tutorials "JavaScript for Adobe InDesign: Simple, Quick and to the Point", you will learn about one of the ways of adding frames, which were made in an external graphic editor and stored in separate files (eps, psd, etc.), to images.

Posted: 09.12.2015

New video

The second part of the second block of the video tutorials "JavaScript for Adobe InDesign: Simple, Quick and to the Point" includes four lessons about working with tables by using JavaScript. You will learn how, by using a script, to create a frame with rounded corners around a text in a table.

Posted: 02.12.2015

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