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Jeanette Ashman
(09.11.2021 16:37):

Hi! I have several documents that use the same paragraph styles. I have all the files in a book so if I change something I can synchronies. But in the heat of the moment I sometimes make changes in one of the documents and forgets to synchronize. So... I am looking for a script where I can compare paragraph styles from different files (same name on paragraph style) and only see the difference between them. Do you know if there is something like that existing? Kind regards Jeanette

(Compare Styles)

(10.08.2021 9:44):

Hi. If there is a group style, its subset style will not be displayed.

(Copy GREP Styles)

(24.06.2021 9:04):

hi. It is a perfect script.

(Common Formatting of Several Tables)

Only The Necessary Information

(series of articles):

Change Numbers In Text

Select text. In the window that appears, specify what is required (increase or decrease the numbers and by how much). Click the "Run" button.

The script window does not block the work with the document, i.e., after running, it can be left open.

Use to work with integers only.

Change numbers


  • Font style selection from those used in the document;
  • selection of the numbering type to be changed depending on context (All, 1) 2) 3)..., 1. 2. 3. ...).
  • automatic renumbering in the selected area. For example, if after abbreviations and rearrangements, the numbers go in the order 1) ... 3) ... 7) ... 5) ... 6) ..., then after pressing the "Auto" button you will get the numbers in order (see screen).
  • ">" button expands / collapses the settings panel.

Change numbers

Update to the version 3.1 from 23.08.2016

Now, when you press the font style selection button (Regular, Bold, Any...), the script creates a list of only those font styles that are applied to numbers in the selection. Previously, the script created a list of font styles used throughout the document throughout the text, which significantly slowed down the script. Now the process of selecting font style works without "freezes".


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