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(12.10.2020 20:18):

Galeb, for example: forum.rudtp.ru/threads/scriptpalette.75192/

(Interface for Typical Operations)

(11.10.2020 23:51):

Hi there, just out of curiosity... which analogous scripts on the Web are you referring to? I'm looking for a possibility to make a custom dock/panel where I can add certain Skripts as a button and maybe the most used features also. Appreciate your input on that topic. Best from Croatia, Galeb

(Interface for Typical Operations)

Danko Josic
(05.06.2020 1:08):

Thank you. Great help.

(Common Formatting of Several Tables)

Only The Necessary Information

(series of articles):

Merge Repeating Lines of Index

The script removes duplicates of lines, following each other, gathers their page numbers, and separates them by commas.

The script is designed for working with alphabetic indexes.

The text to be processed must have the following construction: "word (or word combination) — delimiter — page number (one or several, separated by commas) — end of paragraph". The story containing the index should not contain any headers, blank lines, etc.

Before runnig, place the cursor in the text being processed.



  • delimiter selection (options: Tab, Right Indent Tab, Em Space);
  • the ability to capitalize first letters of all lines before merging the lines;
  • text validation for acceptable Index format;
  • if the text failed validation, the script highlights the "incorrect" lines (it will be possible to find out about the highlighting method by clicking the corresponding button in the script window); разве есть кнопка маркировки в окне скрипта?
  • progress bar, showing the amount of work done by the script.


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