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(12.10.2020 20:18):

Galeb, for example: forum.rudtp.ru/threads/scriptpalette.75192/

(Interface for Typical Operations)

(11.10.2020 23:51):

Hi there, just out of curiosity... which analogous scripts on the Web are you referring to? I'm looking for a possibility to make a custom dock/panel where I can add certain Skripts as a button and maybe the most used features also. Appreciate your input on that topic. Best from Croatia, Galeb

(Interface for Typical Operations)

Danko Josic
(05.06.2020 1:08):

Thank you. Great help.

(Common Formatting of Several Tables)

Only The Necessary Information

(series of articles):

Split Table Row by Paragraphs

The script splits the cells of а table row, placing each paragraph of the text of the cells in a separate cell.

Do NOT use on merged cells.

Before running, place the cursor in the text of any cell of the desired row. It is also recommended that you first assign a minimum height to the row with the parameter "At Least".

Test on copies of the document.

Split table row


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Alex (16.05.2019 16:50) E-mail
К сожалению в Indesign CC не работает(
Admin (17.05.2019 18:25) E-mail
Alex, спасибо за сообщение. Проверил в версии CC 2018 — сработал не корректно. Обнаруженную мною проблему я исправил, скрипт заменил. Теперь должен работать в любой версии. Скачайте, пожалуйста ещё раз, проверьте и по возможности сообщите о результатах. Спасибо.

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