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(12.10.2020 20:18):

Galeb, for example: forum.rudtp.ru/threads/scriptpalette.75192/

(Interface for Typical Operations)

(11.10.2020 23:51):

Hi there, just out of curiosity... which analogous scripts on the Web are you referring to? I'm looking for a possibility to make a custom dock/panel where I can add certain Skripts as a button and maybe the most used features also. Appreciate your input on that topic. Best from Croatia, Galeb

(Interface for Typical Operations)

Danko Josic
(05.06.2020 1:08):

Thank you. Great help.

(Common Formatting of Several Tables)

Only The Necessary Information

(series of articles):

Search-replace the Table Stroke Weight

replace table cell strokes weight

Search and replace table cell stroke weight.

Script Capabilities

  • search only vertical, only horizontal, or both types of strokes;
  • the ability to assign the same weight to all strokes, regardless of the original stroke weight.

Before running the script, select the text or the text frame, containing the tables.


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